Hiroki Hasegawa

Chief Executive Officer

Hiroki graduated from the faculty of Information System at Tokushima Bunri University in 2001.

Hiroki began his career in 2001 at ilios Co. Ltd, an event promotion and mobile site service company, where he worked until 2005.
He went on to become a promotion manager of I-FREAK Holdings Inc. a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
In 2010, he joined TAGGY Co. Ltd, and worked as a manager before joining Unimedia Co.Ltd.

Hiroki also co-founded Hasegawa Planning.
Hiroki has been attending as a CEO at Ganapati PLC since 2014.

Taku Sawada

Chief Marketing Officer

Taku was a store manager at “Tokyo Midtown RESTIR” of RESTIR holdings from 2009.

Being the top sales clerk, he was involved in the operating and planning of events as a senior sales associate, and managing over 200 of its employees. After experiencing being a buyer in Paris, London and Milan, he was involved in marketing, planning and promotion targeting the international market.

Taku has been attending as a Board Director at Ganapati PLC since 2015.
Taku has been attending as a CLO at Ganapati PLC since 2016.
Taku has been attending as a CMO at Ganapati PLC since 2017.

Toshitaka Nakajima

Chief Financial Officer

Toshitaka graduated the Political Science Major of the Law Faculty at Keio University in 1996.
Toshitaka began his career at Recruit Cosmos Co., Ltd at 1996, and conducted real estate sales and marketing.

After, as the Manager of the Corporate Planning Division, Manager of the Management Division and Executive Managing Director, Toshitaka worked on the management regarding Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Administration and IR at multiple listed Companies, and worked on getting a company to be listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, acquisition of bonds rating and issuance of straight bonds, management of internal compliance and internal control etc.

Toshitaka has been attending as a CFO at Ganapati PLC since 2017.

Hayato Terai

Chief Legal Officer

Hayato graduated the Sophia University in 1991.

Hayato began his career as an attorney in 1998 while belonging to the First Tokyo Bar Association. He joined Yamasaki and Partners in 1998 until 2000. In 2000, he joined Kasahara Law Office and become a partner in 2002. Using his vast experience abroad and language skills, took on numerous clients not just from Japan but the globe.

As Hayato has become a well-known trusted attorney in Japan, he established the Terai Hayato Law Office in 2005, and satisfied even more clients internationally.

Hayato has been attending as a CLO at Ganapati PLC since 2017.

Yukio Ishihara


Yukio began his career at Grace Japan Co.
Ltd in 1999, and subsequently joined First Charge Inc.
in its advertising department as an assistant manager.
Yukio was a Senior Manager of RDS Co.Ltd. He co-founded Major Craft Inc.
Yukio has been attending as a CEO at Ganapati LTD since 2013.
Yukio has been attending as a CMO at Ganapati PLC since 2014.
Yukio has been attending as a Director at Ganapati PLC since 2017.

Anthony Drury

Non-executive Chairman

Athony is the Non-Executive Chairman of Alpha Returns Plc, a Hong Kong based Investment Company listed on AIM.

He is Chairman of Axiom Capital, an FCA authorised corporate finance house, a Director of City Fiction Ltd, a media company. He was previously the founder and Chairman of St. Helens Capital Plc. This was a FSA (now FCA) regulated corporate advisory firm based in the City of London.

As Chairman he was responsible for the strategy and new business activities. St. Helen’s became one of the most successful PLUS Markets advisory firms. Plus Markets was the previous name of ISDX, prior to its acquisition by ICAP Plc.

Anthony has been attending as a Non-executive Chairman at Ganapati PLC since 2015.