Hiroki Hasegawa
Born in 1979, Chief Executive Officer

Hiroki graduated from the faculty of Information System at Tokushima Bunri University in 2001.
Hiroki began his career in 2001 at ilios Co. Ltd, an event promotion and mobile site service company, where he worked until 2005.
He went on to become a promotion manager of I-FREAK Holdings Inc. a listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
In 2010, he joined TAGGY Co. Ltd, and worked as a manager before joining Unimedia Co.Ltd.
Hiroki also co-founded Hasegawa Planning.
Hiroki has been attending as a CEOat GANAPATI PLC since 2014.



Mitsuya Fujimoto
Born in 1960, Chief Operating Officer

Late 1980’s:worked as a TV animation program producer for the top 3 networks in the U.S. for 3 years, then entered into a music business company, Club King led by Moichi Kuwahara which is within the biggest independent entertainment group at the time called Kitty Enterprise.
From 1988: transferred to the head quarter of the Kitty Group to move to the U.K. and became the first general manager at Kitty Group London, where led the music and character copy rights licensing and music creation.
From 1991: left the company and went back to Japan to join a joint enterprise called Rockdom (formerly Realcast) by Japanese famous artists, Chage&Aska and Yamaha Music Communication (formerly YamahaMusic Foundation)
From 1992:  moved back to the U.K. as an office director in Europe to establish the first overseas based office for Realcast and managed Chage&Aska’s international project as a general producer.
From 1997: due to transferring of the international copyrights owned by Realcast to Fuji TV, became a music producer at Fuji International, a local subsidiary in the U.K. , where cooperated with Fuji TV to help Japanese popular artists such PUFFY, LUNA SEA, Masashi Sada, THE ALFEE, Fumiya Fujii, Kiyoharu, HitomiYaida to perform in Taiwan, the U.K. and so on.
From 2006: to become a freelancer, left Fuji TV and established a music media agency called Life Is So Cruel then worked for a variety of international projects while supported providing foreign countries with Japanese contents.
Mitsuya has been attending as a European and North American Operations General Manager at GANAPATI PLC since 2014.
Mitsuya has been attending as a COO at GANAPATI PLC since 2016.



Taku Sawada
Born in 1984, Chief Liaison Officer

Taku was a store manager at “Tokyo Midtown RESTIR” of RESTIR holdings from 2009.
Being the top sales clerk, he was involved in the operating and planning of events as a senior sales associate, and managing over 200 of its employees.
After experiencing being a buyer in Paris, London and Milan, he was involved in marketing, planning and promotion targeting the international market. 
Taku has been attending as a Board Director at GANAPATI PLC since 2015.
Taku has been attending as a CLO at GANAPATI PLC since 2016.



Yukio Ishihara
Born in 1974, Chief Marketing Officer

Yukio began his career at Grace Japan Co.
Ltd in 1999, and subsequently joined First Charge Inc.
in its advertising department as an assistant manager. 
Yukio was a Senior Manager of RDS Co.Ltd. He co-founded Major Craft Inc. 
Yukio has been attending as a CEO at GANAPATI LTD since 2013.
Yukio has been attending as a CMO at GANAPATI PLC since 2014.



Anthony Drury
Born in 1946, Non-executive Chairman

Anthony is the Non-Executive Chairman of Alpha Returns Plc, a Hong Kong based Investment Company listed on AIM.
He is Chairman of Axiom Capital, an FCA authorised corporate finance house, a Director of City Fiction Ltd, a media company.
He was previously the founder and Chairman of St. Helens Capital Plc.
This was a FSA (now FCA) regulated corporate advisory firm based in the City of London.
As Chairman he was responsible for the strategy and new business activities. 
St. Helen’s became one of the most successful PLUS Markets advisory firms.
Plus Markets was the previous name of ISDX, prior to its acquisition by ICAP Plc.
Anthony has been attending as a Non-executive Chairman at GANAPATI PLC since 2015.



Yu Kim
Product Development Devision Project Manager

Yu started working as a programmer, developing applications for finance and advertisement systems at IT companies in 2007.
As a planner and director, Yu also has been involved in event planning and operations since 2009 in the online games industry. 
He has experienced planning new games from finding high quality games to launching those games.
Yu has been attending as a Project Manager at GANAPATI PLC since 2016


Richard Hogg
Manager, iGaming Operation

COO / CCO with 15+ years senior-level experience in national, and international, B2B, and B2C markets, including betting and gaming, leisure and sport, IT and financial services. Extensive experience of successful Joint-Venture B2B operations, including international with full P+L. Profit- and results-oriented, with highly effective man, project and time management skills. HR skilled and focused implementing and managing local and remote, multi-national teams of staff effectively to their best ability.Proven in sales and business development, a marketer, innovative, and resourceful.  Frequent contributor at national/international events on gaming industry; voted as one of the 300 most influential people, top 100 -ranking in online gaming by the iGaming Business Journal "Indus-try Aces" Awards.

From 1999:Worked at Inside Track as COO in Hong Kong, the UK and Costa Rica, where managed B2B projects, gaming sites and worked towards the business development of the first online betting kiosk gaming system based product. 
From 2002:Worked at Centrebet as an Operation Director in the UK and Australia, where developed, deployed, launched and marketed for CentrebetPoker and CentrebetCasino, multi-lingual gaming products fully integrated into proprietary sportsbook softwar and mbet, one of the first mobile phone applications launched in the industry.
From 2005:Worked at Inside Gaming as COO in the UK and Malta, where managed all operational and marketing staff, including set up and office management, one local and one remote in Malta.
From 2009:Worked at hômegame as a director in the UK, where made contracts leasing slot machines and server based gaming terminals to legal, licensed gaming premises throughout various locations in Asia, evaluated online gaming development and also gave sales and marketing advice for Diffusion products.
From June 2011:Worked at the Sports Futures Exchange as Head of Marketing in the UK, where helped a project for a new FSA regulated sports spread betting exchange to be launched,  advised and directed compliance, operations, marketing, sales, and product development.
From December 2011:Worked at Betting Promotion as COO, where was responsible for sales and marketing of the entire operation, taking an unknown brand to a well-known brand through existing industry routs and personal routs.
From 2014:Worked at EGS Consult Ltd as a Consultant, where managed development of a new sportsbook, casino and poker product to launch on their own UK, Malta and Greek licences, and developed a B2B operation to accommodate additional revenue streams.
From 2016:Joined Ganapati plc as a manager, iGaming operation.


Takashi Hattori
Social Application Promoting
Department Product Manager

Takashi has been involved in ad networking since 2003 in a IT related group enterprise which consists of over 16 companies. He was involved in the operation of over 1000 companies’ media management, promotion, menu development of advertisement slots, and advertisement slot sales PV being over 1 billion PV. 
Takashi also has planned, developed consulted over 50 company cell phone official websites and media sites. Since the smartphone age has stared, he has been managing many projects including iOS and Android application development, creating social games for major Japanese platforms like GREE and mobage. 
Takashi has been attending as a executive officer at GANAPATI APPS since 2013.